5000 years after Scars of Suldaria. A horde of demons is supposedly on a rampage. You finally see that it’s true.

Rules for character creation:
1. Make a level 13 gestalt character.

2. Get 5 non-epic items of your choice (one can be replaced with a mount max level 11- any ride-able creature (max size huge)), any needed mundane items, and 0 gold.

3. A house rule is that the gestalt character’s monster levels/Level adjustments can be added to one side of the character instead of both sides of the gestalt character.

4. Have some background story, tons of details aren’t needed (not a full campaign)

5. Party can’t kill each other (you’ll be dead quickly if you try and they won’t be)

6. If you don’t get a special mount, you get a war trained heavy horse.
Ride skills are not used at all.

7. 36 point buy

8. Pathfinder feat progression. Level 1, 3, 5, 7, etc. Start with 7 feats plus any extras you get.

9. This is a campaign created for early people to the normal campaign.

10. Each level, you get 1 extra skill point OR one extra hit point.

Final Rule: Ask Kahlil if you have more questions and don’t get too attached, this ends once people show up for the Friday sessions and may last for as little as 15 minutes per mini-session.

Madness with Kahlil